Angove St Festival

Angove St Festival today - we joined in the community spirit and had a stall selling badges and artworks. We had a great response (and lots of nice coffee). It was really great to have the street reclaimed by the people instead of cars! Lets hope they do it again next year. Some of the Made on the Left team were also selling their lovingly handmade goodies. We shouldn't forget to support these local makers who are so important in adding variety to the marketplace usually so dominated by big brands - I bought all my Christmas pressies from the Made on the Left makers at the Distracted Market

New Badges

We have a new festive badge to add to our collection and a new patterned set. We also have some new christmas card designs in the shop.


City of Crows

We have created some cushions with lovely velvety crows! Originating from an Illustration inspired by observing the city & all those noisy crows in King's Park.


Angove St Festival - Sunday 30th November

They are blocking off our street this Sunday to allow us to drink coffee, taste wine and browse stalls selling artist's work and food. We will have a stall near Milkd as well as the shop being open. See you there from 10am - 4pm.


Sunny day & coffee

If you haven't been to Angove St, North Perth then you haven't been to Milkd.... which means you haven't tasted the best coffee in Perth. There is also the very tasty "Flying Taco", S2, Ici et La and Trio. We can't recommend the Flying Taco enough you just have to try it!


and of course Little Design Horse shop!


Mini Lightbox Gallery

We made our small window into a lightbox just for fun! We'll be having miniature exhibitions in the windows that will keep changing... so you have to keep on passing by the shop so you don't miss anything!


My sister Liz designed these beautiful Dog T 's for us. She's a professional illustrator based in London whose work can be found in Libertys as well as many high street brands. She has also got many of her textile designs in Pumpkin Patch at the moment which she did for Little Design Horse Studio.



We make all our notebooks in our studio workshop also housed in Angove St. They are 50% recycled and have a great patterned covers & matt finish. We are going to keep adding to our range and some will be limited edition so keep an eye out in the shop!


We are now open!

Yes we finally did it... the shop is now open. We still have some exciting things to add but that are still in the making. We've had some lovely customers so far!



Sophie has now given us enough sleep to finish our shop (for all those people who were wondering why we've hadn't opened yet!)