Christmas and New Year - closed until Wed 13th Jan

We will be taking a very well deserved rest over the New Year. Thanks to all our fans who have helped us grow over the last year! We have far too many ideas for 2010 already so they'll be lots more to come!

We will reopen on Wednesday 13th January 2010.


Online Shop

Top priority for the New Year is the online shop. If you want to be the first to hear about its opening make sure you join our Facebook page.... they will be the first to know! Link on the right side bar! >>>>

That's it folks - the last product to hit our shop this year!

We've worked hard to finish those final requests before Christmas! That's it - no more! We created this tree based on our display tree we have in the shop. Could possibly be used as a Christmas tree but then all year round as a jewellery stand, or key stand near the door... we love products with a dual use!

Tuesday 22nd December - open until 7pm

Everyday Life - new colours! By Sophie Henson Also we have a range of her prints in store exclusive to Little Design Horse. Sophie has been working on lots of new bits and pieces for designers around the world. Her work is one to collect. If you're looking for a gift for a design friend - we think one of her Ts designed for Future Shelter or one of her illustration prints is sure to please!


We're open Monday from 10-6pm!

We're open today - yeah! Come and say hello. Above : King's Park coasters


Sunday opening today! 10-4pm

Come and relax in our aircon. That's what I'll be doing today. I'll busy making the last few things before Christmas.... we have one more thing to release that we have several orders for already.... photos to come later today!


Extreme DJ

A glimpse our latest Future Shelter T designed for amateur and pro DJs!

Extreme DJ new T now in the shop - yeah!

We finished it just in time for Christmas - yes cutting it fine but it was a brand new design which we didn't think we'd get done in time. I'll post a photo later!


Late night Friday - open until 7pm tonight

Keychain stocking fillers - cool! $8 each beautifully engraved in Angove St


Open until 9pm tonight!

Fed up with been pushed around in the mad rush before Christmas? I would recommend stopping by Little Design Horse shop tonight followed by dropping into the Flying Taco for a bite to eat and a Mexican beer at the same time.

There is plenty of parking right outside and we don't do Christmas music - now that has to be better than the Karrinyup crush!


Unwrapped Leederville - Saturday 19th December 2009

All those happy shoppers going to Unwrapped this Saturday don't forget to pop by our shop in Angove st just a few minutes away. We are not showing at this market but its going to be hot on Saturday so revive yourself in our great air conditioning!

10:00am - 5:00pm, Saturday 19 December 2009
Leederville TAFE Campus, 196 Oxford Street (across from Luna)

Late night and extra opening hours

Take advantage of extra opening hours! Note we are open Sunday, and late on Thursday, Friday and Tuesday.

Thu 17th Dec 10-9pm (ooo extra late night!)
Fri 18th Dec 10-7pm (another late one)
Sat 19th Dec 10-6pm
Sun 20th Dec 10-4pm
Mon 21st Dec 10-6pm
Tue 22nd Dec 10-7pm (and another!)
Wed 23rd Dec 10-6pm
Thu 24th Dec 10-4pm


Christmas Tree

Made in our workshop and available in the shop from today 40 x 60cm high. Available in wood, white and red. Makes a great table centre piece and is best viewed with a mince pie (uk) or prawn (aus) in hand!


Tales from Christmas Past

This is a photo of our Christmas card designed for the Museum of Modern Art in New York last year. Inspired by modern architecture and structure.

Looking after the locals!

No more markets for us before Christmas. Maybe that means we'll have more time to finish the online shop.... yes this is a sore point for us and I'm sorry we haven't got this finished. As we make everything ourselves (yes including an online shop) we decided we needed to focus on making sure we had stock for Angove St shop and the markets in time for Christmas. So for now, the online shop will happen in the new year... unless Father Christmas wants to help us finish the online shop in the next week (but he's probably got enough organising to do!)

Throw an energetic 20 month old Sophie into the mix and we soon run out of free time! Seen here wearing her organic elephant T!


Subi Street Festival - Thursday 10th December 5 - 9pm

Don't forget - Subi street festival tomorrow! Our last market of the season. We finished making our Future Shelter christmas trees today so come along to get a first glimpse. Available in wood, red or white acrylic.... nice! No photos yet - you have to come and see for yourself!

Photo: Giant sized Dino Roar! wall decal, Park Canvas, Retro Flower & the Pirate Ship Canvas


Extreme DJ

Left :"Today Tonight Tomorrow" 2007, Limited Edition (2 left)
Middle :Extreme DJ (Canvas)
Right : The Microscope (Canvas)

Extreme DJ print is now available on Canvas in store. Also available as a Limited Edition Print and sooooon to be a brand new T. We should be printing it towards the end of this week.

Running Man - Wall Decal

Make your own adventure with Running Man! With optional accessories you can choose his current adventure... is he on an important mission leaving love behind? or running away from his 007 lifestyle to give his love some flowers? This wall decal is designed to be moved around to create new adventures.

Are sales a good thing?

Sales... I don't like them! Mainly because "things" we buy are already too cheap.

I hate toy sales especially. I think of the person who sat at the desk making the components, how long did it take them, what did they have for lunch, where do they live? The chemical factory that made the plastic, the designer that made all the moulds. the factory that made the cardboard and the printers who printed the packaging. The eletricity needed to power those factorys... how was that generated?

I think about the ship that most probably sailed from China; that dodged the pirates, survived the giant waves that appear on those vast oceans which I've never experienced myself, the conditions the people endured on the boat. Who was the captain?

Who unloaded the container and drove the truck to the depot and onto the store? Did the driver stop for lunch and what did he have? Who printed and made the price tag on each and every product, all with their relevant barcodes and put them on the store shelves during the night when most of us (those without sleepless children) were sleeping? Then there is the assitant who sits at the counter all day putting "things" throught the till. And what about the bag it came in, who printed and made that? And how long do you use it for?

The cost of things are too cheap when you consider all the work it took to get them here. Isn't it amazing these things are here for us to buy? Shouldn't we be valuing them more? For them to be half price on the shelves in a sale designed to make us all buy more seems disrespectful to all those people who put in the hard work... especially those who sit in sweatshops in conditions we'd much rather not think about?

Of course in the case of children's toys, the child who receives the gift and is the whole reason the toy began its life, much prefers the box it came in.

I'm not asking people to stop buying (we are a running a shop afterall!) Just consider its life, who made it, and its real cost.


New Future Shelter Ts in the shop! We also have just printed a new range for 8-15 year olds with some very cool new designs. They'll be in the shop tomorrow!

Subiaco Upmarket - Thursday 10th December 5-9pm

Don't forget the night market next week. It will be nice to create some Christmassy market feeling to welcome us into the festive season. We have some brand new products to release in time for Christmas so come along and have a first glimse... and no its not the butterfly mentioned below!

Perth Upmarket
Subiaco Street Festival
Thursday 10th December
5pm - 9pm
Rokeby Rd
(between Hay St & Roberts Rd)


East Fremantle Street Festival - Sunday 6th December

We're venturing out of North Perth again... this time to East Fremantle for the street Festival in George St. We'll be showing some of our new exciting ranges for the first time.

East Fremantle Festival
Sunday 6th December
1 - 7pm
George St, East Fremantle

Above : New!! Butterfly mirror shown here with our wall decals (Bird Tree and The Queue)


Made by us

Everything in our shop is made by us with the exception of the T-shirts which we buy blank from American Apparel and then print onto with our eco-friendly printing inks., and we get help sewing the cushions and teatowels by WA people. What people don't realise is that this philosophy often extends to making other things (apart from our lunch).... the light exposure unit for screen printing, our shop counter and most recently our shop sign. Made out of laminated ply, acrylic and laser cut letters.


We tried to do a sensible christmas card....

errr we tried to do a sensible Christmas card and look what happened - sorry Australia but I put all your cliches in the one card! 100% Post consumer waste.The first in our limited run of Future Shelter Christmas cards in the shop. We used paper normally disguarded by local printers for our laser range. No need to use more energy in the recyling process. We designed the card to the size of the offcuts.. clever recylcing!


Angove St Festival - Vincent Cappuccino Festival

Don't forget to put the Angove St festival in your diary and come and visit Little Design Horse at No.56!

Angove St Festival - Vincent Cappuccino Festival
Sunday 29th November
10am - 4pm
Angove St, North Perth

Here's a link to last years photos! click here


Perth Upmarket in Subiaco - Thursday 10th December

Little Design Horse is looking forward to the Angove St Festival on the 29th September. Another date for your diary... our Future Shelter products will be appearing at the Perth Upmarket at the Subiaco Street Festival. It should be a great start to the christmas season!

Perth Upmarket
Subiaco Street Festival
Thursday 10th December
5pm - 9pm
Rokeby Rd
(between Hay St & Roberts Rd)


New Christmas Decorations - Recyle Reuse

Our new Future Shelter decorations made of wood or acrylic can be reused after the festive season as coasters!


Junior Upmarket - 15th November 2009

Yes it's happening this Sunday. There are some great designers showing at this "everything for kids" market. Note the new venue which will have more space for all those prams!

Junior Upmarket
(all things for kids!)
15th November 2009
10am - 2pm
University of WA,
Winthrop Hall Undercroft
Stirling Highway, Crawley


Christmas orders

We are now taking orders for Christmas! Our lampshades are printed by us and made locally so we need plenty of warning if you need multiple orders. We have five different sizes available as hanging pendant or for a stand. To avoid any disappointment please call into the Little Design Horse shop or place your order via email.
Billion Dollar View - featuring the Golden Gate Bridge, Big Ben, Shakepeare's place and the Perth Bell tower... One Size only 32 x 36cmPapercut garden 32 x 36cm (5 sizes available)


PICA Car Boot Sale - Sunday 8th November

See us at the Pica Car Boot Sale... we will also be having a mini sample sale - selling some of our design experiments!

Perth Institute of Contemporary Art
Sunday 8 November 2009
11am to 3pm
Perth Cultural Centre


Workshop books

We've spent the last few years building up our workshop... this includes rescuing vacuum printing equipment from the tip, buying button machines from local Italians and our most recent purchase being an austrian laser. We love machines. But we also like books about machines and making things. Our oldest is from 1800's giving recipes for making all sorts of things - most of which we can't make because they involve toxic ingredients such as mercury! Not something you can get at Coles.


Elephant - new short sleeves in stock

We've printed the elephant on short sleeved Ts for summer. We have sizes up to 4 years but we will print adult sizes by request!


Subiaco Craft Fair - 25th October 2009

We're venturing out of North Perth to join the Subiaco Craft Fair. We have some new Future Shelter badge designs and canvas prints to show! See you there!

Subiaco Craft Fair

25th October 2009
University of WA,
Hackett Drive,


Dino tries to scare Wellington with no success

Wellington takes a drink despite best efforts from Dino Roar to put him off! We do a giant version of the dino wall decal - maybe he would be more scared if dino was a metre high!


Spring is here!

We are now printing the pear teatowel on Linen/Cotton to match the Lemon, Basil & Fish so you can now collect the set! More future shelter teatowel designs to come before Christmas (but after we finish the online shop!)


Fridge Magnets

Future Shelter magnets - we have some new designs to add to your fridge magnet collection!


New Table Lamp

For those that haven't popped by the shop recently - we have a collection of Future Shelter table lamps in store and more coming soon! We can also create lamps to order please email us for further details.


Fraser Avenue - Lampshade

Inspired by Kings Park - we now have this design in stock - available as a hanging pendant or for a lamp stand. Got an old lampstand sitting in the garage? Revamp it and make it a piece of art!


You are never too early to start designing!

Our 18 month old daughter Sophie gets working on her first design!


Sneak preview - Online shop

Future Shelter products online soooon. We're getting closer. Just the finer details to finish then you'll have the luxury of browsing our shop from the comfort of your own home!


New Dalmation walldecal

Look who appeared on the side of our shop! Our new life sized dalmation dog wall decal. Want a dog but don't have the time to stroke it, feed it, take it for walks? This is the perfect solution! This one dog you can buy for Christmas!


Everyday Life by Sophie Henson

Sophie Henson's Everyday Life T in stock in the shop!


New organic & hemp cushions

For those that missed the pop-up shop we also launched our new cushions. Made in WA and printed by us of course! More colours to come or by request. Each have an inverse of the pattern on the reverse so you get two designs instead of one!


Junior Upmarket - 15th November 2009

We will be showing our latest collection of Kids & baby clothing at the Junior Upmarket happening on the 15th November 10pm - 2pm. We will be showing our new kids night lights, new designs for Ts and onesies, and our new giant sized walldecals.
(photo : Felix modeling our robot T - thanks Felix!)


Lazy Sunday

We returned to the fresh food market today to pick up a spelt croissant & spinach quiche. We also picked up some lots of greens & freshly squeezed mandarin juice. We were too late for the croissant as they'd sold out but we had a nice easy spring lunch. Plus our 18 month old got to see lots of dogs and play with a hoop so she was happy! mmmmm