William Street Coasters

We're guessing that you guessed that these coasters were on their way! A new set featuring drawings from the walk over the horseshoe bridge and the museum. This is the first of a new wave of more architecturally inspired designs we'll release this year. We've been doing lots of secret drawing!


Kyilla Community Farmers Market - Starts 8th June

This is good news. We often liken ourselves to the slow food movement - shopping local, letting things grow slowly and with care. I liken the way we make products a bit like a 48hour slow cooked lamb (someone recently told me they'd eaten this and I haven't stopped thinking about it!).

Anyone who knows us will know that we love good food. We'll be supporting this new farmers market and buying lots of tasty produce.... yum can't wait!


A happy workshop

This is what we like to see... happy people in the workshop! It's not hard to take a photo of our chief sewing expert Claire... she is always smiling. Which makes us happy too! You can see our cutting table, tunnel dryer (for fixing textile printing ink) and just in the background our rotary screen printing press. Most of our equipment is on castors so we can move it around in our limited space.


Workshop Viewing - new lampbases

Look at these lovely lampbases! Each one is different as most are turned from reclaimed timber posts. One of these in the centre (No.5 counting from the left) is a sheoak stand and it's very unusual due to its size. Sheoak grows with small branches and trunk so you don't often find pieces this large. It has a beautiful wavy grain.  We oil the wood with an organic orange oil which makes it feel silky and brings out the grain.


Workshop viewing

Custom wildflower magnet set in production on the work bench today. This set is designed for the Port Hedland Visitor Centre based on Pilbara Wildflowers.