Table Runners

If you've been into the shop lately you would have spied these WA Wildflower inspired table runners. Digitally printed onto linen-cotton fabric and measuring at 150 x 32cm, they'll fit perfectly onto a standard dining table. Making these table runners has been a perfect excuse for us to acquire an industrial sewing machine! Any sewing enthusiasts out there will understand our joy in being able to sew quickly with minimal effort. At the moment we have 3 designs for you to choose from:
Miniature Garden in Grey
Study in Aqua
Study in Red
Available now online and in-store.


Staff training - a trip on the Leewin II



 Nautical tattoo
We often compare running a business and workshop like running a ship. Christmas is such a crazy time of year for us and so we had our Christmas party yesterday on the Leewin II. After raising the sail and doing a few other important sailing jobs, Jane took the wheel to steer the ship around a very large tanker and do a U-y (wearing the ship).

We relaxed for the rest of journey. Some of the team discussed the finer points of how there are plenty of 'lines' on a ship but only two 'ropes', one of us concentrated on the horizon, and one spent a long time looking closely at the stitching detail on the sail.