Sketchbook viewing - the Edge

I make tabs for different sections and subjects!


Sketchbook viewing - Sketch to onesie

 From sketch....
to organic onesie printed in our workshop with eco-friendly water based inks.


New sketchbooks

Even though we have a shop, we are notoriously bad at shopping. We love very old things and very new things but always consider who made it and how long it's going to last. We can be both impulsive or take months to make a decision. However, we so have a weakness for books and one of us has quite a vast collection of potential sketchbooks (I WILL get through them all).

I couldn't resist these two which I bought at Montage Pop-up store over the weekend. Using vintage maps, charts and musical covers, they are extremely well made and hardback covered. I wanted them all, but in the end came away with these two.

Now all I have do is draw in them and make sure I don't mess up the first page. For anyone into creating sketchbooks you will understand this point. Often I will leave the first two pages blank and come back to them later when feeling a bit more confident :)

Sketchbook viewing - drawings for Kings Park installation

People ask me if I draw these in pencil first... nope! I like to draw in black pen. If I go wrong I start again or let the drawing develop and try to resolve any composition as I go along. This really comes from when I studied at art college and my tutors used to comment that my sketchbooks were always more interesting than my final designs! So now I use the drawings straight from my sketchbook and enjoy taking the risks with the pen. From here I scan my drawings and they are developed into a print.


Sketchbook to product


We love books... which is why we stock a very select few that we like. 'Ten Tiny Things' and 'My Super Hero' are both written and illustrated by local people. Chris Owen teaches at Coolbinia Primary and lives in North Perth and Kyle Hughes-Odgers is a Mount Lawley based artist. Meg McKinlay and Moira Court are also both local to Perth.


Leather notebook covers

New leather notebook covers made to fit moleskin note books perfectly. Hand-dyed vegetable tanned leather engraved with three different designs. Perth, Conveyors or Wildflowers. Stitched perfectly in Perth.


WIlliam Street - new tablerunner

Our new tablerunner inspired by teh walk from the WA museum (old library building),over the Horseshoe Bridge and into William St. The design works from all the directions when placed in the centre of a table.

Size : 32 x 150cm

 The view from the counter today. New books featuring photos telling the story of both local businesses and Beatty Park are now available.

William St close up and boxed!

Our new mug features many heritage buildings on William St in the city. Some were saved from being bulldozed and many recently restored. I love the black swan detail on the bridge - those were the days when people were brave enough to put a flock of swans on a light fitting :)


New Mugs - William Street collection

We're ready to reveal our new ceramic mugs! Our latest machine is a digital ceramic decal printer that allows us to decorate our own ceramics. This is very exciting. Anyone who knows us personally know we have an EXTENSIVE ceramic collection!

The mugs get fired and so are permanently embedded in the glaze. This means the colour won't wear or fade and is food safe... cool eh! At the moment we are not making the blank mugs but we have sourced this first collection from Japan.