Workshop Tips

Running a workshop means you are often quoting old phrases and things you might hear your Dad saying... like "measure twice, cut once" and "a bad worker blames his tools". The first saying we made into a leather engraved keyring as part of our new workshop inspired range. A perfect pressie for all those aspiring DIY Dads, Husbands and of course, Ladies!


Mummy Hippo and Baby Hippo

Our latest new wall decals this week... Mummy and Baby Hippo now available in three sizes. Shown outside our shop. Also new Love Birds below.....

Confession time....

We are geeks (Adam more so being an engineer and web programmer of course) and we are podcast addicts! We read and listen to a lot of debates on the environment and the economy. Sometimes we have been known to listening to geeky podcasts while crocheting. Here's a little of what we have been listening to this week....

That ABC National recorded this great lecture from the Sydney Writers Festival this week "You have been warned" and for more details see....here and here

We regularly listen to Planet Money, This American Life, storytelling from The Moth, Future Tense and Radiolab

I know. So geeky. But you might find them interesting :)


Spotty Dotty - new wall decals

After many requests we can now offer some sheets of spots and dots in lots of pretty colours so you can mix and match. Transform your playroom or any room into a fun place to be! Sheets are $10 each so you can pick lots of colours to fill a wall space. Here's where we put them in the shop today... I love seeing these colours all together... its like being in a lolly shop!