Yay! The plywood is here - Jewellery Trees back in stock soon

Thanks to all of you who have been paitently waiting for our Jewellery Trees and Owls to be back in stock.  Wait no longer, we have received some much awaited for plywood. We will be frantically making trees over the next couple of days and start shipping back orders on Wednesday.


A view of Western Australia

We have a new boxed set of 6 coasters inspired by Perth. Developed in conjunction with Tourism WA to represent the different regions of Western Australia. We were asked to illustrate some of their favourite views of the region. I think my personal favourite is the whale shark!


There is nothing wrong with a little bit of aeronautical engineering inspiration....

Top: New badge set
Bottom: New magnet set

I think all these engineers based in Perth are having a positive effect on our inspiration... this time from the aeronautical section. I love all those dials! Our anonymous aeronautical consultant informs me if these were the readings from your dials while flying, your aircraft may be banking just a little bit too much, your revs are too high and you are travelling at maximum speed.... we like to push the boundaries :)


Sophie in our new designs!

Well a new and old design... the Butterfly hoodie is actually a design we did for Pumpkin Patch that I found in their store last week but goes nicely with our new Crane and Giant Biscuit T!


New design from Sophie...

Well maybe not a design just yet but a lovely picture of mummy and daddy. I'm the pink one on the left, Daddy is the bluey purple. Proudly exhibited next to our new drawings of cranes on our new theme of "boom!!!!"... more on that theme to come later.


We will be at Made on the Left - Sunday 10th July

We will be showing our latest products at Made on the Left tomorrow. We will be taking over a HUGE room at the new one40william building on the corner of William and Murray St right in the centre of town. There are lots of smaller independent designer-makers that you wouldn't see at some of the other bigger markets.

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There are also some discounts available in some of the permanent stores in the same building and a chance to win an ipad2 here.


Rebecca Baumann

We don't just make our own products but we also make components for architectural models, jewellery designers and this example of components for an installation piece by Rebecca Baumann. We laser cut each of these coloured clock pieces that rotate... and yes that takes quite a bit of time! The result is stunning.