The Craft Revolution! New Lampshades for 2011

I've been secretly crocheting with a group of friends we call the "Cotton Club". We're a mixture of designers and people who spend far too much time at a computer and so delight in sitting around a table (usually cake is present) with crochet stick and wool in hand. So this inspired our new collection of shades. There are a few more designs in the making but I thought I'd show you these latest designs in store. We've also been very organised and created an instore catalogue allowing you to see our full range and all the colours options available. This makes it much easier to see what colours and sizes we can do!


New lampshades inspired by Engineers

How could we ignore all the fly in fly out engineers that live in Perth? Our new collection is inspired by engineering drawings and constructions. Just for them we have been inspired by fixings and cranes. Here is a first view of this new collection....more to come! Available on our website next week.


Beautiful Bunting and William Topp

Anyone here at the weekend would have spotted our beautiful bunting. I would like to say that I made it myself.... but I have to admit it was lent to us by a good friend and fellow shop owner Kate from William Topp.

Thanks Kate!!

If you haven't been to William Topp it is a very cute shop at the top of William Street. It sells all the best examples of independent designers from Melbourne, Sydney, the World AND Perth of course. We only wholesale to a few stores in Perth and we love this shop so much we just wanted to stock there...


Photos from the weekend - Angove Street Festival

Thank you so much to everyone who came and gave Angove Street a visit this Sunday. We were offering to "make your own badge" and we had a queue of young (and older) creative people wanting to create their own masterpice. Here are a few photos!

Did you know we also donated the background graphics for the poster? We created this pattern using icons representing all the different cool things about living in North Perth!