Christmas is here.... well nearly

We have finished our new christmas tree for this year. Made in our workshop on Angove st and uses FSC approved walnut veneer. It comes in two sizes and is available as flat pack to send overseas or overland. We have a new range of Christmas decorations - more photos to come!


New lampshade designs

Here's a glimpse of our new shades this week We have a few more that I will blog later in the week. We have the new structured geo and the design from our Aspects installation as a table lamp and small pendant. These will be for sale in the online shop soon!


New sausage dog onsies & giraffe Ts

New onsies in the shop. The fabric is by Liberty and we have limited amounts so get in fast if you want this pattern. Due to many requests we also have the giraffe on Organic cotton in Womens sizes.


Recycling - our new engraved trays

Our new illustrations on these retro trays giving them a new lease of life!
We have lots of different sizes and they are all signed on the back.


Anyone lost a hippo?

Someone left a hippo in the shop last week - if it's you, don't worry he's made friends on our shelf and he can stay here until you collect him.


Dino Roar T

We now have a new Dino Roar T in size 2, 4, 6.

Engraved wine cooler

The Banksia and the Wattle bird. Our new laser engraved winecooler with illustrations from our King's Park intstallation.

All hail the numbat!

It wasn't until I visited the zoo that I realised how small the numbat actually is. In my head he was kangaroo size.... to my surprise he was as small as a squirrel. Maybe in time long ago there was a giant Numbat, I like to think so. Here is the little Numbat in his pop-up Numbat forest living with his "Tawny Frogmouth" friend. Made by us in our Angove St workshop.


Paris City View - new Tote bag

Here is our latest Tote bag. Printed with eco-friendly inks in our workshop on Angove St and made in Perth. Drawings inpsired by our own photos taken from the Effiel Tower.