Composition with conveyors and cable trays. There is so much blue and orange in Port Hedland that I didn't want it to dominate so I subdued the colour in this print in order to focus on the structure. Limtied Edition of 100 prints on archival quality 100% cotton rag paper available from the Port Hedland Courthouse Gallery.


Danger! Health and safety

We do take health and safety very seriously but we couldn't help create this cheeky illustration inspired by our visit onsite. Beware of the chair! Available from Port Hedland Courthouse Gallery this week. Limited Edition of 200.


The reclaimed reclaimer

At the end of our visit to Port Hedland I notice how the trees were perfectly masking one of the decommissioned reclaimers and how it looked like nature was taking back this machine. Given the smallest amount of water and a chance to grow nature will take over. I took this idea and the influence from the engineering drawing workbooks to make this drawing where this decommissioned machine is becoming masked by reclaiming nature and parts of it are turning back into an engineering drawing.

A print of this illustration is available as a limited edition of 100 copies and is available to purchase from the Port Hedland Courthouse Gallery from this week.


We did do our homework for our Port Hedland prints! This book inspired me to add in some engineering based drawing influences into our 'artistic' drawing. I love that this engineering book gives you advice on letter spacing too. Its also interesting that these machines that I was drawing all started out as a drawing themselves, an engineering drawing.


Mirror image - spot the difference

Mirror Image
Or this illustration could be called 'Spot the difference'. Inspired by the individual details that make up each engine or carriage that are not seen at first glance but further inspection reveals variations in railings and labels. You can have as much fun as we did examining all the detail as we drew it and finding the differences in each side. Limited Edition of 100 prints available from Port Hedland Courthouse Gallery from this week.

Due to the circumstances of the environment, being at a level crossing and on a working site,  I had taken a photo to create this drawing. I have always been trained to draw onsite in front of the subject which would create a much freer and expressive set of drawings however I quite enjoyed having the time to examine all the detail using the photo as reference.


Port Hedland Courthouse Gallery from 20th April - 10th June 2012

We've completed all the drawings for our exhibition in Port Hedland Courthouse Gallery that is open from 20th April to 10th June 2012. We have created seven limited edition prints inspired by our trip to Port Hedland. We could have created seven thousand artworks with all the inspiration we collected so we will continue to add to this series.

We found it a place of extremes, extreme isolation, extreme weather, extreme contrast with colour and light, and extremes in landscape from the raw nature to giant machines you'd expect to see on Mars. We were given a fantastic tour of the BHP site which also involved wearing long sleeve high visibility gear, hard hat and protective glasses. I think Adam secretly enjoyed being back amongst the engineers. It was 36 degrees and very humid when we visited. Luckily the tour vehicle had aircon so we would leap outside to have a look and take photos and leap back in the car to recover and drink another 8 litres of water. We arrived just after some rain and so there were small pockets of grass growing on the iron ore.

Note: the train above was named 'Garden'

We will release further images from the exhibition once it has opened tomorrow at the Courthouse Gallery.


Angove Street Stories Project

We apologise that this project has been delayed a little. We did hope to have a finished illustration in time for the Angove Street Festival but fortunately the little children and babies in the Future Shelter family were taken ill with the flu which meant the little time we had left had to be dedicated to our upcoming exhibition at Port Hedland Courthouse Gallery (opens 20th April).

The good news is that we are going to extend the deadline until August and we will still be collecting stories until then. We have had lots of people saying they know people with stories so we feel the project needs more time to allow us to collate everything we have gathered together. We have also had some really fantastic stories that deserve recording for the Local History Collection. We are very excited to create an illustration incorporating all the stories past and present so stand by!!

Creative Spaces - have you seen our window installation?

For the Angove Street Festival we allowed our little window gallery to be taken over with this beautiful installation of objects from the Royal WA Historical Society collection based around a lovely cup of tea theme. Installed by our Angove Street friends Creative Spaces!

White with two? - not for us! white with none, black with one