MoMA Holiday Card - bestseller!

We are very pleased our MoMA card for 2012 has been listed as a bestseller on the Museum of Modern Art (New York) web store!  We have also had our design for 2013 approved... yippee!!

Christmas sacks hot off the press today

100% Cotton, 
100% freshly screenprinted with eco-friendly inks
100% stitched in Perth.

We printed our best ever batch of Christmas Sacks today... available at the Perth Upmarket this Sunday. Get there EARLY it's perfect at 9am and you have the best choice of everything!


New toy

Our new cutter arrived yesterday and today we had time to test it out... all 2.6m of it! Despite the fact that in the photo I'm only cutting a very small piece of our new fabric, I had just been cutting full widths of fabric with ease. This new tool will also help with cutting our lampshade film.

Extra Large Serving Boards for a limited time

Here is a brand new design based on the Wildflower Mural in the windows of Aspects, Kings Park. The close up shows the Qualup Bells and Cranbrook Bells.

This is an extra large board 495 x 280mm and made from a single solid board. This has made it extremely difficult to source the raw material and so we can only offer this size for a limited time. With all that extra space you can expand your range of cheese offerings!

Our lovely water-based printing inks...

Our inks had a clean out today. For anyone who knows and works with colour on a professional level - I made sure I got the colour temperature gauge in the photo ;)


Photos from the workshop

 Printed, pressed, cut, sanded, finished, boxed and sent. A custom order finished yesterday. 
Coffee needed before sanding a new batch :)


Free Shipping within Australia

Did you know we offer free shipping within Australia? The only exception is for shipping lampshades... why? we like to know our lampshades will get to you in good order so all lampshades are sent by courier at the flat rate so will be with in a couple of days.

Our shop currently only takes payment from Australian addresses but please email us if you are overseas and we will be happy to process your order.