new apple T

Sophie poses in her new Future Shelter T - the apple. Sizes 2, 4 and 6 available at the Upmarket tomorrow or in our shop. Sophie also says sorry about her face in the first picture but she got hungry during the shoot and had to eat a Vegemite sandwich and a plum - she refused to be airbrushed.


Pictures from Little Design Horse

Today I noticed these scrolls on our building above the shop. No need to travel to Europe to study the architecture - you can find it all on Angove St! Well, maybe not but I thought it was interesting they thought to add this detail.


Perth Upmarket - Sunday 28th March 2010

We're building up to the next Perth Upmarket. As usual we see it as an excuse to make a new product.... mmmm what will it be?

We're looking forward to the new venue which worked out really well for the Junior Upmarket. For anyone who hasn't been to this market yet it's worth a visit to see all the creative indie makers who are usually hiding away!

Sunday 28th March 2010
University of Western Australia, Winthrop Hall
10am - 4pm


Billion Dollar View - upcycling

We have Billion Dollar View lampshades in stock. 32 x 36cm - why not upcycle that old lampstand in the garage or nanna's house and make it into a piece of art! Price $240. We take telephone orders and can ship anywhere in Australia... cool!


Coffee & our new "Keep cup"

Most people know we really like coffee... we only usually have one a day otherwise we get too wired. This means we spend quite a bit of time deciding when to have that "one". However in a conscious effort to reduce our studio waste, we invested in one of these beautiful cups. It's plastic so it won't break and it washes easily and looks nice... we got ours from a new gourmet coffee shop in West Perth - Pony Express O, 21 Mayfair St. If you are into coffee it's worth a visit.


Mitchell and Dent

Do you ever see something you really really like and you really wish you'd created it yourself? I bought this notebook for my mum but it didn't seem to get sent and before I knew it I was using it myself.. sorry mum! From local designers Mitchell and Dent (Studio Bomba). They also have their own letterpress machine and print their own cards....