Angove St - fresh flowers for a fresh start to the week

We have a new flower market happening here on Saturdays on Angove St with some lovely ladies selling some beautiful flowers. For those who havn't been to Angove St recently there are quite a few new shops and a new restaurant opening soon on the corner near our shop. Here are a few photos from this morning. I particularlly like the petrol pump and flower composition!

The flower market
The Pantry Door. This is all about freshly baked cakes and lunches. Ranging from your traditional banana bread to freshly made salads, frittatas and new york style sandwiches. They also use locally roasted Fiori coffee.Milkd is perfect for coffee and quick service too.
This cafe can get busy but you're never disappointed!
Pimp your bike - Trio have used some of the beautiful stripey fabric they sell to spruce up an old bikeTrio - have these beautiful deckchairs out the front of the store.

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As for the online shop I daren't even mention it... just as we were to open this week we had a technology melt down... on our computers all seemed to fall over at the same time, our internet connection dropped out, our car broke and even our TV broke... it was finally finished off by Sophie (our 2 and a half year old) coming into the shop and swiftly managing to lock the key to till, inside the till! eeek! However next week will be a fresh start starting with finally, after all this build up, the online shop opening.