Days of change T shirt - Perth needs your help!

The Australian Conservation Foundation's Sustainable Cities Index ranked Perth as 19 out of australia's 20 biggest citys. The cities were ranked in order of comparative performance from 1 (most sustainable) to 20 (least sustainable). So 19 is not good. However, it does mean we have the opportunity to make the most difference.

Being sustainable is about one thing - preserving the environment for future generations. It's not about becoming a hippy, wearing no shoes and tie dyeing (although you can do that if you want). It's actually a very conservative choice to be sensible about the amount of impact be have on our world so that our kids don't turn around and say to us "why didn't you make changes sooner mummy?".

Days of Change is an online communtiy of people trying to make simple steps to help Perth climb the steps of sustainability. They have given us the chance to design and print their new T shirt design, printed with our eco-friendly water based inks on 100% organic cotton. This is a limited 1st edition T-Shirt and is only currently available in Mens/Unisex Medium and Large and Womens Large. Please contact us to register your interest in other sizes.

Every purchase helps to support Days of Change.org.