Subi Upmarket - Thursday 2nd December 2010

If you are stuck for presents for your partner this year - why not flatter your loved one with this cheekly engraved trophy "World Champion - the best at nearly everything" or "First Class - really good" or myabe "Definitely the Best - so far". They'll be flattered but not too much that it will go to their head. In the world of being politically correct this is the trophy for you. You are not saying you are the World Champion of anything in particular. You may be the Best at something but only up to now.... hehe

We'll be showing our Christmas range at the Subi Street Festival today. If you haven't been before this is a great night market with and a good start to the festive season.

When: Thursday 2nd December 2010
Time: 5pm-9pm
Where: Lower end of Rokeby Rd between Hay St and Roberts Rd