Puzzling ornaments - festive entertainment

I have to admit being inspired by my younger sister. She was well known for being very honest and sweet at the same time. To her, Christmas cards were boring and presents were exciting so why not stop people getting bored with the card by adding a game or two inside! The kind of thing she would do is create an anagram of your name, a dot to dot or a word search inside a Christmas card to make them more interesting and prevent boredom setting in while you wait for the presents.

So, we now offer our Christmas ornaments presented as a puzzle! We give you some clues on the back of the card as it is very tricky. Creating the design this way also means we minimize waste while providing you with entertainment and some beautiful ornaments for your tree. Why not create a festive mobile using a couple of old branches?

There are 14 designs altogether created out of a 20cm square and they fit perfectly with our large jewellery tree as a space saving alternative to the full Christmas tree.

Puzzling ornaments on our jewellery tree.  A perfectly postable present.