February News

No we haven't gone anywhere, we're still busy making things! We've been doing a lot of planning and thinking over the last few weeks and we're really excited about this year. So far this year we've written and illustrated a new book which is still in progress, we've survived the school holidays and the Perth heat wave, we have introduced new cheese boards in sheoak and other native offcuts, we've created some new kiddy size lamp bases and have some new illustrated baby suits in the making. We will be doing a call out for all your old photos and stories around the Angove Street area to help create a special illustration for the Angove Street Festival which is scheduled for 1st April. We also have an exhibition coming up at FORM in Port Hedland mid April. We'll be flying up in Feburary to be inspired by giant machinery and vast landscapes. Finally we'll be refitting the shop area to bring some of the workshop into the shop space so you'll see us making things. So we may have been quiet but we've had our heads down working hard getting lots of new ideas finished as well as looking after 4 month old baby Ben :) Jane and Adam