New sketchbooks

Even though we have a shop, we are notoriously bad at shopping. We love very old things and very new things but always consider who made it and how long it's going to last. We can be both impulsive or take months to make a decision. However, we so have a weakness for books and one of us has quite a vast collection of potential sketchbooks (I WILL get through them all).

I couldn't resist these two which I bought at Montage Pop-up store over the weekend. Using vintage maps, charts and musical covers, they are extremely well made and hardback covered. I wanted them all, but in the end came away with these two.

Now all I have do is draw in them and make sure I don't mess up the first page. For anyone into creating sketchbooks you will understand this point. Often I will leave the first two pages blank and come back to them later when feeling a bit more confident :)