Guide to love

I have to admit that Valentine's Day in our house is all about making the other half a present or card of some sort. I'm not really into buying your loved one a new Ferrari or a diamond watch. For me there's nothing quite like a hand made card of any standard, its the time that's gone into it that counts. Usually we turn it into a product of some sort, last year resulted in the pop-up numbat card which we then put into production. And for those with screen-printing husbands you may be interested in this.....

For those who shy away from the making things bit don't worry we have lots of little treats to give away (or to give to yourself). Let's face it sometimes the other halves struggle a bit to remember things like Valentine's Day, I think the perfect answer is to buy yourself something that you really like and then they can pay for it.
Wooden & white heart decorations $12 for 6