New signs

There is nothing quite like a glistening sign to attract the attention of the passer-by. We couldn't resist a little bit of shiny silver on our new sign! We have now taken down our old sign (Little Design Horse) to make way for Future Shelter. Little Design Horse was our original design studio where we designed for other big brands and we always wanted our products to be separate and hence we had to find a new name.

The name originates from our first collection of T-shirts and cushions we designed. Our T-shirts all have an environmental theme and we liked the idea that a T-shirt is a form of shelter from the world. Shelter is one of our very basic needs together with food, water etc. But then we also like the idea that our homes are also our "future shelter"... and we design for both! The themes of the illustrations were all very simple based around the idea of shelter.

shelter in the trees
shelter from the sun
Solar power

We choose T-shirts that are designed to last longer with excellent quality cotton, our products are well made and designed to be passed down to future generations and their own "future shelters".

What & where will your Future Shelter be?